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Setting ticket price when setting up route

My last comment for now, as I'm going to wait for the next version before continuing.

1960: When I create a route there is a default price for economy and first class seats.  What is it based on?

When creating the route I should chose an aircraft type I'd prefer to use, the options I would like, such as seat layout, meals, etc.

Then, I should be able to see my predicted costs, estimate a load factor, decide on a profit margin, and have the price calculated.  There is no background data available when I'm setting prices.
I don't exactly remember what the price is based on in v2.13.
We changed this in v2.14.

In v2.14, the price is purely based on distance (still using a complex formula).
The price is exactly what the passenger would want to pay for such a route, if the service is exactly what he expects.
Then it's up to the player to decide whether he wants to either increase frequency, price (or perhaps decrease in flight service). Or visa versa if the filling degree is too low.

If we'd show you exactly how a route would turn out, the game would be too easy I think?
After all, the real airlines don't have this data either. (only guessed data)
You do have the demand pages on the airports pages to give you an idea how certain routes would perform.

On the other hand, I like the idea of giving you some kind of calculator below this route creator.
Where you can select an airliner type, price and your guess on the filling degree. (perhaps with a little help from the game)
I'll add it to the task list. Smile
Thanks for that. Also, do fares automatically increase if I increase pilot's salaries or inflation?

It would be good to have the option to link a route fare to:
1. inflation;
2. operational cost;
3. competitor's set fare;
4. manual (fixed fare until changed by me).
The fare is currently linked to inflation. In the settings you can switch this off so it doesn't get inflated each year.

I don't think seeing the costs of operating the route would be making the game easy.  None of this is guess work with real airlines.  They all know their operating costs.  The risk factors are advertising, competition, weather, etc.  Also, an airline might deliberately make a loss on a particular route if it hampered the competition.  These are all things to consider in future.
Of course they know the cost of the airline with all their estimated filling degrees.
Airlines do not know the filling degree of a route prior to operating it. Else you'd never see failed routes Like Air Belgium on their CRL-HKG route that got less than 10% filling degree. Wink

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