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Maintenance - A B C and D checks

I wanted to resurrect an old favourite of mine ... maintenance.  In the current version it seems to be instantaneous.  I buy a bunch of 2nd hand aircraft, click on perform maintenance ... they're back up to 100% immediately.  OK, this feature probably isn't working yet.  Maybe it needs to be linked into scheduling.

Realistically, a modern jet gets an A check roughly every month, a C check annually, and a D check every 6 - 10 years.  One of the biggest challenges of running an airline is managing the maintenance / schedules / reputation.  Because C and D checks take so long, they often coincide with seasonal changes in schedule.  Airlines plan for these years in advance.  Leased aircraft can be replaced before the D check is due.  Owned aircraft can be sold and replaced, or else the down time must be planned for.

In game, A checks could easily be handled by expanding the schedule for each airliner from one week to one month and treating the A check as a hard-coded "route" that takes 24 hours.  I know the actual check takes half that time, but most airlines allocate a full day.  The expanded schedule would make it easier to manage LR aircraft running on a 48 hour cycle, which a 7 day schedule can't cope with.

Also, I'd like to see design flaws, like those of the Comet in the 1960's, and the current problems with the 787 with RR engines, and the 737-Max aircraft incorporated into the game.  I'm currently flying a bunch of Comets in the 1960's ... none have fallen out of the sky yet ...  Cool
Maintenance has just left the first design phase. Smile You will indeed be scheduling (partially automated) your A, (B), C and D checks.
Also reliability is on our to do list.

Both are planned for 2.16 though.
Nice to know and something to look forward to.
Are we going to get options again like the original one of who our aircraft are serviced by?
At some point you should be able to outsource the maintenance, yes.

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