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Some questions
As far as I have already noticed, this game is what I have always wanted to play. Good job, team! I've played Airline Tycoon for some time and I am plane addicted for half a century, so I am not new to the subject of civil aviation. But as I am new to this game, so I have several questions, which may look trivial, but I cannot find an answer in FAQs and In-game tips&instructions.
1. I start in 1945, I rent slots, buy airliner, create a route. Then scheduling comes. I schedule four flights a weak across the Atlantic (one liner), two flight eastbound, two returns (screenshot attached). Then I save the schedule, but I can see only two flights in flight summary (bottom-right corner). Furthermore, in a route summary window, I can see only one flight a week (screenshot attached). So how many of them there finally are? It is hard to go on, without understanding this issue. It's probably something simple, but I can't get it.
2. In my airline summary, there is a business model "low cost" indicated. I did not select it, there was no such option. Is it automatic?
3. And a small request. It would be nice to be able to select an amount of money one has when starting a game. It would add to the flexibility of a game: some would like to start with a massive line consisting of dozens of planes, others would like to start from scratch with several leased army-surplus commando's.
All the best
to All of Your team

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1a. The bottom right corner shows the schedule only in one direction.
If you'd swap the origin and destination airport around, you'd see the scheduled flights in the other direction.
Some scheduler improvements are planned for 2.15. Smile

1b. This seems like a bug, it should be 2 weekly flights. Can you send us the save file?

2. there indeed was no option, it is meant for the AI as a preferred strategy. But even for them it is not implemented, they all use the same (dumb) strategy.

3. Money settings too should come at some point in the game.

Thanks for trying out our game! Smile
I had to register again with my mobile device, because I could not log in from my PC, even after resetting the password. I do not why. Anyway I would gladly send You this save, once I can log in the forum.
All the Best
I sent you a private message to your latest account with some things you have to do to set a new password.
Just to make sure you're the same person as the topic starter. Smile
Hello Again
Thanks for resetting my password.
I have another issue to report. I scrapped one of the planes, then I scheduled a new one for the same route. The game stopped, in a route summary there were two plane numbers: the one I'd scrapped, and the new one. It looks like it is necessary first to unschedule the plane and then scrap it. Is it intended or it's a bug?
And one more thing I do not understand. I fly two routes for several seasons, business passengers only. These routes have obviously a high demand - EWR-LGW, EWR-CDG. I lowered prices and the planes have decent comfort and in-flight services, but still 5 or 6 % of filling degree. Maybe it is as it should be in 1946-47? Or not?
And one more (more and more, because the game is great and drags me in), I understand that You use current airports data for all the time periods, but You also use non-existent airports (CDG in 1946). Is it intentional, because of some development constrains, or a bug?
All the Best
Great, some more questions. ^^

You aren't supposed to be able to scrap an airliner that is still active on a route. So that would be a bug, but not the one you suspected. Smile

The demand in 2.13 isn't on point yet, and certainly not before 1960. We have some big upates for that in 2.14, but for now I suggest to only play after 1960 (unless you are looking for a though game), and mainly focus on Economy class. (with a little bit of higher classes if you want)

We are currently working on a big database with historical data for airports. (historical demand and expansions)
But for now only few airports have their expansions set throughout history.
That's for a bit later down the road though, think 2.17-2.18 or so.
Hello Again
I have played for some time. Game is great, although there are few things I would recommend, but I will summarize it later on.
Right now I smashed the wall in my fleet roster: when planes filled all the height of the screen, the button "enable\disable" automatic maintenance got hidden beneath the screen’s edge ad cannot be scrolled up. The same goes with saves list: when number of saves lines reaches the number of lines in the window, the bottom line where you can enter new save doesn't scroll up, so You can use only already saved files and overwrite them.
The problem with saves is just annoying but the one with auto maintenance is not. Without the ability to switch it off and run maintenance manually my planes will wear down within a year or so, well before regular 50 000 circles.
What can we do about that. Or maybe there is something I have omitted being rather new to the game
All the Best
Hello mareczek,

under "Settings" -> "Settings" -> "Game Settings" you can turn on/off "Use Auto Maintenance". I hope it helps  Smile
Thanks for mentioning the issues.
All of them are already fixed for the next version. Smile
Thanks. When can we expect the new release?

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