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Is the game too easy?
I am sort of new to the game, but I feel like it is way too easy to make a lot of money in this game, I was having 80M+ profit months in my very first year, which I think is just too easy, I put 25 same region competitors, but they just aren't smart at all, some of the highest demand routes i'm putting 50+ flights a week and filling 95% and no other competitor joins, just seems too easy. Is the AI not very smart at the moment? Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something?

I would really love to actually have to try to be successful, and wouldn't be annoyed if I went under on a couple saves.

That said, I think what you guys are doing is incredible especially with making this free. Great job so far.
Yes, the game is too easy at the moment. That's because most things aren't implemented yet.
So with each update, the game should become slightly more accurate and thus more difficult.
Hello smitty_jagerman,

thats right, at the moment it is really easy to earn money, but the economic part and the AI are being revised in the near future. Or just try out smaller countries and build a network there. Can be fun too  Wink
Tanzania is a fun one, as is Niger, Mali and Somalia.
If you can make £80m ever in these countries then good on ya!!!
I keep going under in Niger, but i will make it work

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