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How to make stops on a route?
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Hey People!  Smile 
Its my first time writing here. First of all, thanks for this amazing game. Its actually what i was lookin for since years ago.

Ive been playin this for some days, and actually i already have made a lot of money. 
But I have no clue bout how to solve this:

I want to make a route form Buenos Aires, Montevideo or Santiago de Chile to Madrid. As long as the first b747s cant fly so long, i want to make a stop in Rio, or Recife, and then go on.

I cant manage how to do this. I dont have any problems flying direct form rio to Madrid. But when I select the route creator, from Buenos Aires to MAD, i pick the stop option VIA RIO for ex, but then I cant choose any of my b747s for that flight.

Any idea bout this? 

Make a little tutorial bout this plz! 
Thanks people!  Cool
Do you have both the via route and direct route in the route overview?
There is a known issue in v2.13 where if you have both a direct and a via flight, you can only select the direct flight.
This is fixed for 2.14, but for now you can only have one at a time.

I hope this helps.
Well no, Im trying to make JUST the via route.

I tried but its impossible. Its says BUE to MAD VIA RIO but I cant choose any plane for that route.

So I will have to wait to the 80's for longer range planes lol

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