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Game freezes after clicking hire students and saving issue
When I buy new simulator facilities and then click the hire student button, the game freezes immediately. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, and since it doesn't have autosave function, a lot of times it is very frustrated.
Also if you buy simulators, then save it, and load the game, then click the hire students button, the game will freeze as well. I think you need to wait till you receive a mail says the simulator has been built

Saving function is quite weird, I don't know the game did it on purpose or something. Basically it will automatically pause after you save the game, but the button still shows "pause" of the left. (normally if the game pauses, it should be showing "continue")

Good game though
You can just ignore pilots and training facilities in v2.13.
It wasn't implemented properly yet.
thanks I just found out on the other thread. but what about the save function though?
If I read your comment correctly, it's also related to pilots/students? Just avoid it, you don't need it yet. Smile

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