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Auto Maintenance
If you have Auto maintenance on do you still need the maintenance facility?
At the moment you do not need it.
Fine, but auto maintenance does not prevent from deterioration of aricraft's condition. You still have to click and click if You want to have Your planes in good shape. In fact it does not matter if auto maintenance is on or off - planes deteriorate at the same pace - I have ckecked it thoroughly. If You have 30+ planes it becomes annying for You have to click maually al the time. This effectively kill the game.
I have posted this in your other thread, but you already removed it. Smile

Quote:The automaintenance does work as intended. (although we have an overhaul planned for the future).
Airliners need to be above 50% to be allowed to fly. And that is exactly what the automaintenance does: keep the airliners above 50%.
The way maintenance is currently done, I think the manual maintenance is stupid. Manual should be removed and auto maintenance should be the standard.

But then again, we have a completely new maintenance system planned for the future.
For now, just keep your automaintenance on.
Well, this explanation changes everything. I had the intuition that airliners must be 100 % fit to fly. But of course, all of this is somewhat abstract, so let's have it at 50 % of whatever. In essence, right now it is enough to buy a facility and forget all the issue. It suits me enough, but I am looking forward to something more sophisticated.
Waiting for more of Your great job,
all the Best
I think Simon told me that when the Overhaul takes place you will be able to subcontract the maintenance out to other suppliers like we could in TAP V1 or keep it in house.

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