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2.14 Patch D
It has been a while, but I finally uploaded a new patch.
We fixed a number of bugs reported in the forum.
There are still a couple of larger bugs left, but those will need some more time to fix.

If you are using the Itch Desktop app, the download should happen automatically. If not you can check for a new update.

Or you can manually download the new version


Changelog V2.14 Patch D

FIX: In the seating configuration, rows no longer get lost after changing the seattype.
FIX: In the seating configuration, you can no longer not select any video option type.
FIX: The game no longer crashes when loading a game where an AI closed a subsidiary before saving.

DATA: Updated production start for the Airbus A330-200F.
DATA: Removed duplicate airport.
DATA: Added Air Sial.
DATA: Added Air Antwerp.

GUI: Advertisement expiration dates now show in the local date format.


As always, let me know if you find any issues.
I accidentally reuploaded Patch C.
I now uploaded Patch D instead.

Thanks for pointing it out Tomcatter! Big Grin
Thats why I'm hereĀ  Big Grin
Nice to be back here and i See a big Improvement. I am quite free now I can help contribute with XML data same as what i did before. Anything I can help?
Do you know if this is going to be the final release patch or will there be more patches
We just released a Patch E. Smile

And patches will come as long as there are bugs.
The amount of bug reports we receive are decreasing so we will likely start developing v2.15 while fixing any new bugs soon.

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