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Airline Evaluation and Stocks
Hello everyone! 

Firstly, just download the game and I have to say wow! What an excellent job you have done! It’s incredible. 

Now I have 2 questions. 

1.) Regarding the stock market. Does the player have the ability to buyout a failing airline? For example United’s purchase of continental. I know 40% of shares are available but I haven’t seen any airline even low budget drop in share price showing a decline in profit. From what I have noticed all AI stock price are the same. With that being said it would be cool to see your own stock evaluation.

2.) Shouldn’t the Holding’s who own subsidiaries have majority stock? I opened a sub and didn’t have shares. I feel that is how holdings make profit. Another way is for the holding to own the aircraft and lease back to sub. Just a thought. 

Keep up the great work devs!

Thanks for playing our game and welcome to the forum. Smile

We have yet to properly implement both AI and stocks.
So that's a good observation you made.

You are able to buy out AI if they sell some stock. But at the moment they sell it very slowly, it can take a couple of decades.

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