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Game stops at March 24th?
Greetings, I am new in the forum and downloaded the game recently; I do not know why the game stops at March 24th, when summer begins, and it does not progress any further. What can or should I do to fix this?
How many opponents are you playing with?
At the start of a season it is recalculating all filling degrees of all flights.

This can take a while. (try to wait a minute or 2, usually less than 1 minute)
If I am not wrong, I selected 30 airlines in 1940 with all airports (not sure if this affects the waiting time too), but I have been waiting for 10 minutes and it is still stuck at the beginning of the summer season. Sad
30 airlines seems a lot. So that will take a long time to calculate if you start with startdata for the AI.
in the future playing with this many AIs should become normal, but for now try a bit less. Smile

Can you send me the savefile?
Then I can see for myself if the amount of AIs is causing the long wait or if it's something else.

You can find the savefile in the rootfolder/data/saves.
I've sent you via PM my latest savegame, where I decided to go with 25 airlines instead of 30 and still had the same problem Sad

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