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How to transfer funds between subsidiary and parent airlines?
Basically what’s in the title, I’ve been searching around for it because I use my subsidiaries as ways to organise my airlines, as too many planes can get confusing. What I did is I started off as Qantas and then made the subsidiary airline Qantas Domestic Australia, which handles the domestic routes. That airline is being hugely profitable and what I want to do now is transfer those funds that I’ve earns to Qantas, the parent company, but I don’t know how or where to. Is it even possible? And if not, why isn’t it possible?

Thanks for all the help!
That's not possible yet. We still have a lot of new features on the to do list for subsidiaries.
Transferring money is one of them.
Just a small tip :

Buy some airliners with the subsidiary, give the airliners to the parent company and then sell the airliners. Money transfer with airliners  Wink
Fraud ?????

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