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Polaris Airlines
Based in Manchester, UK, Polaris airlines serves many destinations both nearby & far, including but not limited to Amsterdam, Rome, New York & Shenzhen.

Polaris' fleet currently consists of 2x B787-8 & 4x A220-300.

The Livery
(I'm awful at Photoshop so just use your grey matter for a bit)
White Over most of the fuselage, with dark blue highlight around the windshield & a dark blue tail & rear of aircraft, with a large compass imposed in a light silver. The engines are also dark blue, with silver accents.

Polaris aims to expand its short haul fleet allowing for multiple flights daily between major destinations to attract more passengers using Polaris as a stop-over across the Atlantic. In addition, long range is to be expanded to a larger variety of destinations throughout the year.

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