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How do I transfer saves from 1 Laptop to another? I use 2 laptops and want to use 1 save for both laptops.
Most space-efficient? Make symbolic links to a save held in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder.

If you don't know how to make symbolic links, you could put the entire game in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, but that would not be very space-efficient.
You could do it the way DaWolf850 suggests. That would be the easiest way.

The current way to copy savefiles is a bit of a hassle. In a future version I will make this easier.
First you copy your save file (in data/saves) to its new location.
Then you open the save file using 'DB Browser for Sqlite'. You go to 'SavedSettings' and change the 'DataDir' (data directory) to where you pasted the file.
Now you copy the name of the savefile. You go to data/data.sqlite and go to 'SaveFiles' and create a new save manually.
You give it a name, paste the name of the savefile in the 'File' field and give it a data in this format: 'dd/mm/yyyy 00:00:00'.

It's a bit of a hassle. DaWolf850's suggestion is actually very good and way easier. Smile

edit: just beware that copying saves to a new version of TAP might crash the game.

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