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2.14 Patch H
"If it's too good to be true, it probably is." - but in this case, I really can't find the catch.
In this patch you will find a massive performance upgrade for the AI.

Also, a special thanks to Kwilson92. He helped me figure out a hidden (in plain sight?) major bug.

If you are using the Itch Desktop app, the download should happen automatically. If not you can check for a new update.
If you have issues after using this auto update, I recommend to fully re-download the game again. In some cases the auto update corrupts our database.

You can manually download the new version.


Changelog V2.14 Patch H

CHANGE: Big performance upgrade for AI.
CHANGE: After the production of video and audio options ends, if your airliner still uses them, you are still able to select them as an option.

FIX: Fixed capacity calculation in some rare cases.
FIX: Fixed seatmap issues in some rare cases.
FIX: Fixed crash while creating new game in some rare cases.
FIX: On game creation, AI will no longer try to select an airport that doesn't exist or doesn't exist any more.

DATA: Updated Adria Airways.
DATA: Updated Danish Air Transport.
DATA: Added missing airport: Thessaloniki.
You're welcome man, is that issue fixed now, can i play with competition now?
You can. Together with the performance upgrade I did, you should even be able to play with 100 opponents again.
(though, if it doesn't work, I suggest trying with 10 first)

AI is still dumb though. Big Grin
A dumb AI is better than no AI Smile

Glad I could help with that bug, but confused as to why the tester team missed it as it was a big one.
I'm not releasing the patches to the testerteam.
It's better to get them out as quickly as possible.

A full version on the other hand should be tested to the last bit. Smile
That makes sense.

Just out of interest have you been adding the Airlines of Europe Project addons to the patches??
I have added the first one.
It would be easier for me if you sent me a whole badge of airlines in one go rather than uploading new ones everyday. Smile
Yeah i am planning maybe a weekly release for France, hopefully they will be around 10 airlines a week for france
I pushed a small patch, I forgot to fix an issue for AI cargo flights.
Performance is always welcome, thanks :-)
[Image: LvxFqFt.jpg]

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