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Newbie's question
Hello, I'm new to this game, but I really like it.

I've tried to find the answer for a few days, but I just could not find any. So the question is: Is there a way to create a stopover route?
When I go to the Routes > Create a route - I don't see any tool for stopover flight. Or am I just blind? (It happens sometimes Big Grin )
I have my own custom airline operating from Wien, and the early Jets in the 60's just dont have enough range to reach for example USA.
I'd like to create a route, for example: VIE - LHR - ORD.

Thanks for help!  Cool
Hello 3tecky and welcome to the game and this forum.

actually it isn't possible to create stopover routes, because their is an unsolved problem.

In my old gameplay, the stopover and direct route had no difference at all.

I think, that the team is working on this problem, so that in future and later version the stopover routes will be back.


CEO of Germani Airline Group
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