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[Solved] inconsistent availability

My compagny was notified by mail in 01/02/1942 that C54-Skymaster "is now avaible for purchase".
But this plane does'nt appear in the list of Douglas Aircraft Compagny when I look for it in order to buy.

The others aircrafts notified " now avaible" at the same date, as the L-049 Constellation, are listed, and really avaible for purchase.

I'm playing an customised compagny, founded in Altanta USA, focused passenger, I chose the option "ignore the wars", version 2.14Patch H.
I tried, creating an subsidiary focused Cargo, to buy a C-54... same thing.
The same bug appears in the previous patch.
It is not a bug. The C-54 series is available on the used airliner market after a while. These are no longer needed cargo airliners of the military. You can't buy them from the manufacturer.
This indeed should be clearer. Thanks for reporting Smile
Thanks for the explanation, this makes the game more subtle and realistic.

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