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[Patch H]Hangs when creating custom airline
Good day,

In Patch H, I try to create a new airline. I click on the '+ CUSTOM AIRLINE' button. In the popup window, I choose a start date, like 1987

At this point, the game hangs up and I get a windows popup that says the program stopped responding. During a few attempts I thought it had crashed, but it turns out you have to wait for the program to respond. I actually only found this last part out while typing this bug report.

I figured you might like to know this, so you can either avoid the hangup, or add a warning to be patient. Otherwise you might get users thinking it's a bug.

Hope I've been of help, thank you for making this lovely game!

There should be some kind of performance upgrade for this in the future.
Currently it loads all countries and its airports when you open the window. When you select a different year, it empties the lists and reloads them again.
Which is why it takes so long.

Though I must say, I never got a 'not responding' error. (which isn't a crash, just windows warning you it takes a while)
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Yeah it's not the same as a crash, though some people might not know that and be like "oh well it crashed" and click on Close (like silly me did a few times haha)

And sounds good, good luck! Smile

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