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2.14 Patch I
Development has been a bit slow the last couple of days because I spent 4 days visiting family abroad.
But today we have a new patch.

If you are using the Itch Desktop app, the download should happen automatically. If not you can check for a new update.
Itch has notified me that the bug that corrupts our database with this auto-updates has been fixed.

You can still manually download the new version.


Changelog V2.14 Patch I

CHANGE: Performance upgrade for season change.

FIX: Fixed cargo filling degree issue for AI.
FIX: The game no longer crashes when changing the seatmap of multiple airliners at once.

DATA: Updated Airports in the USA and Europe.
DATA: Added Williston Basin Airport.
DATA: Removed non commercial airports in Alaska.
DATA: Updated Indonesia AirAsia.
DATA: Added Astaeus Airlines.
DATA: Added Air Inter.
DATA: Added Aeris.
DATA: Updated ATR42-600S.

GUI: The window size for changing multiple seatmaps at once is changed to fit the screen better.
I just realized that the website still says that the latest release is 2.13. Seems like this needs to be updated to 2.14 right?
Also, will the "tips and tricks" section be updated?


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