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[APPROVED] Plane image and country restrictions
If the game aims to be a simulation of an airline at any point between 1930 and today, it needs to be authentic. Airlines often had a very specific reason why they bought one plane over another. Howard Hughes who owned TWA worked hard to support Lockheed and would buy the Super Constellations even when it made little sense to do so. BEA supported the Trident over Boeing 727 and would never buy the latter. My native Poland had to buy communist planes, even though they were terrible and not safe, but communist regulations made them do that. Czechoslovak airlines wanted to buy western planes in the 40s or 50s but their government said “no” as well.

AI CEOs definitely need a pre-set preferences for planes based on real life. Otherwise the in-game world would feel fake. Especially when North Korean or Soviet Union planes operate recent Boeings:

Also, sometimes great planes were not accepted for political or nationalistic reasons. That’s why Vickers Viscount, the best plane of its time, was never as popular in the America as it should be. It was, however, used by BEA for a very long time. AI should do that too.

Countries that turn communist should try to get rid of their western planes, too, like Cuba did.

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