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We have a new version number as this update has more changes than the usual patch.
You could call it a small update.

If you are using the Itch Desktop app, the download should happen automatically. If not you can check for a new update.
Itch has notified me that the bug that corrupts our database with this auto-updates has been fixed.

You can still manually download the new version.


Changelog V2.14.2

DISABLED: Advertising

CHANGE: Flight times now take speed limits below 10 000ft and take off/landing speeds into account.

FIX: Fixed issue that crashed game on start up with certain airlines.
FIX: The game now correctly loads seating configuration of Saab 340 and Overture.
FIX: Fixed issue where game crashed while saving with faulty video facilities.

GUI: Schedule now uses full window width.
GUI: Hovering a flight in the airliner scheduler now shows local time of arrival/departure.
GUI: Airliner images now show larger.
GUI: The airliner info window now shows measurements.
The version on itch is TAPv2.14 incl. Patch J
Is this the right one?
I forgot to update the name. It's updated now. Smile
And Patch A is already live.

It includes another minor fix for the cabin layout.
Thanks for the patchnotes,

"Flight times now take speed limits below 10 000ft and take off/landing speeds into account"

Are those or will those speed limits be the same for every country and airport?
[Image: LvxFqFt.jpg]
Yes, 250 knots below 10 000 ft.

The speed limit may be different (I don't know), but after all you don't spend too much time below 10 000ft safe from departure and approach? Smile
Ok thank you :-)
[Image: LvxFqFt.jpg]

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