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How to correctly access and modify database for airliners/aircraft?
Hi all,

Been reading the forums lately and I have to admit, I was drawn by Tjoeker's friendliness to everyone, regardless of what their thread was about. I even feel guilty not donating anything to the team - but don't worry, I will definitely do so soon!

So to the main point of this thread:
I have read up on the tutorial as well as the many threads that supposedly teaches people how to use DB Browser for SQLite in order to access and modify the database to our hearts' content but the resources I came across really didn't address my needs.

I decided to try modifying the database by starting out with the Airbus A330-200ST Beluga XL, which I renamed to Airbus A330-743L Beluga XL. I also changed its properties such as fuel, range, etc... but I believe these have nothing to do with the issue I am experiencing at the moment.

The issue I am experiencing has to do with the airliner graphics. I noticed in the tutorial and in many threads, it is emphasized for one to always name something the same as the graphic's name. However, this clearly did not apply in this case as the graphic's name was A330 BELUGA.png and not Airbus A330-200ST Beluga XL.png as expected from the naming convention emphasis.

In game, the airliner graphic did not show up when I clicked on the Info button of the Airbus A330-743L Beluga XL. I tried finding the reference point for the name and airliner image but to no avail.

Hopefully someone can help me with this and maybe one day someone can also do a comprehensive tutorial on editing things to our hearts' content because the threads I've come across were mostly for airlines and airports, but none for airliners apart from one thread about manufacturers.

Hey, welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words! Smile

Airliner names don't have to be the same as their images. Perhaps in an old version a long time ago, but not any more.

You can fix your issue in this file:

The file is somewhat hidden between the many images. Smile

In this file you will need to change this line:

<airlinerimage image="A330 BELUGA" types="Airbus A330-200ST Beluga XL"></airlinerimage>

into this:

<airlinerimage image="A330 BELUGA" types="Airbus A330-743L Beluga XL"></airlinerimage>

If you want multiple airliners using the same image, you sum them up like this: types="X,Y".

I hope this helps. Smile

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