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Longest Runway
I want to start with saying that this is so far a very interesting entry in the airline management field. I have grown to like it quite a bit as I have gotten more comfortable with the format of doing things. That said, there is one thing that absolutely would be a huge help in planning new routes, and updating aircraft on current routes. There needs to be an indication of the maximum runway length at each airport in the demand and route screens. With the changing of airports being the slowest aspect to load, it takes a very long time to check runway lengths on routes. It would be a huge improvement to see the max runway length along with the range, so that aircraft decisions can be made much more quickly. I understand that this is an alpha game, and that there is only limited dev resources, but this feels like the number one most important thing from my current perspective, for improving game play, and one that should be minimal difficulty to add.
This sure is on the list of things to add for the first release of TAP NG. Smile

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