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Airline Stocks in NG
In the current version of the game the stock market portion of the game is pretty simplistic. You can buy and sell shares of your or your opponent airlines but there isn't really much change in the price of the stocks from month to month and the number of stocks for the airline seem relatively small (or it is by percentage and the price of stock really doesn't make sense). Is there plans for making this subset of the game more robust in NG? I know it isn't a primary feature of the game, but I like having it there. It reminds me of the stock purchases in Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon. Some of that had to do with the AI, which sounds like will be upgraded in NG, but some of it was more realistic in the sense of number of shares, stocks splitting, board of directors commenting on stock price, etc.
Of course we plan to update the stock market. Cool
(04-26-2020, 08:30 AM)Tjoeker Wrote: Of course we plan to update the stock market.  Cool

Awesome! NG sounds like it will be amazing. Can't wait for the kickstarter to open, I'm ready to put some money towards the cause.
Join the climb, Lockdown means i have more money to spend than usual!!!!!
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