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Open border and custom scenarios not working properly
I haven't seen any explanation of how open borders are supposed to work but I presume it would allow an airline to fly from one domestic airport to another domestic airport in another country. Say for example, from a domestic airport in France to a domestic airport in Ireland because they're both Schengen countries. But what I find is that there's no difference between countries with open borders and those without. Is there something I'm missing?

When I try to create custom scenarios and add airliners using <airliners> they don't appear in the game. If I add routes then airliners appear, but only Airbus planes for some reason. I've included the code I use below.

<airliner type="Airbus A320-200" quantity="4"></airliner>

      <route origin="JFK" destination="DFW" airliner="Boeing 737-800" />
We indeed didn't implement the features behind open border agreements, only the data.
But I'd like to point out that Ireland is not part of Schengen, instead it's part of the Common Travel Area with the UK.

Scenarios aren't behaving as they should either.
There is one mistake in your code: you have to replace quantity="" by 'early="" late=""'.
With early being before 2010, and late after 2010. It's kinda arbitrary I know. We'll definitely update this for TAP NG.
Thanks for the clarification.

Yeah, I realized that Ireland-France was a bad example like 30 seconds after I posted it.

And I noticed that airliners are assigned to airlines differently in the airlines folder than in the scenarios folder. I've tried both ways and neither works...

Can't wait for the NG!

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