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Launch Customers
Currently, you can only order airliners and receive a discount for purchasing in bulk.

I think that aircraft manufacturers should approach the user 1-2 years before a new aircraft model hits the market to acquire a launch customer. For example, the Boeing 777X is coming out mid-2020. In 2019, Boeing contacts airlines and asks if they would like to become the launch customer for the 777X. By accepting, the airline would need to pre-order at least X airliners at a discounted price and would be the first to receive any aircraft of the type.

This feature would add the ability to pre-order a great amount of airliners of a certain type at a discounted price and to receive them as soon as possible. This could also play in to manufacturer loyalty, for example, by providing a greater discount to an Airbus-only company if they are the launch customer on the A321neoXLR (or any other new Airbus model) or by first offering the role of launch customer to an airline that has been loyal to the manufacturer. Moreover, if the user were to decline the offer, an AI airline could become the launch customer.

All in all, I think that a system involving launch customers would be beneficial to the game as well as add another aspect of realism to the game.
Hello costerman,

and thanks for your input. There will be something like that for the new version.  Smile

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