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Connecting Passengers
Right now I got the feeling that the game only works with direct demand and scheduling hub waves or anything like that does not really matter. Compared to real life that can work in short haul markets like Ryanair does in Europe. But you also have to consider airports like Dubai or Singapore for example. They actually do not have a lot of direct demand. They rather work asĀ  transit airport for a hub and spoke system. I think that this fact is missing a bit in the game which makes scheduling a bit dull. I hope this can be implemented in the Next Gen version Big Grin. Also feedback on how many of your passengers are connecting to another flight would be nice.
That's planned for the Next Gen version indeed. Smile
I have yet to check the performance to decide if a passenger can make 1 or 2 connections on a route, but we will at least have 1.
Very cool Big Grin
In my opinion 2 connections is the most reasonable. e.g.: you want to travel from Bremen (medium size city in Gemany. The airport does not have longhaul connections.) to Hakodate in Japan. (also a medium size city with an airport that does not have longhaul connections) You would most likely fly from Bremen to Frankfurt, then to Tokio and then to Hakodate. So 2 connections from 1 medium size city to another. Only ultra longhaul would require like 3 stops. e.g.: from bremen to canberra. You would most likely fly from Bremen to Frankfurt, then an airport like Singapore, from there to Sydney/Melbourne and then to Canberra.
I'd love to allow 2 or even 3 connections, but as I said it will be down to what the performance allows. Smile

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