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Pilots names
Pilots names need to be fixed 
an egyptian pilot can't have a spanish name
if possible i can help with that
That would be great and if you just sent me a list for forenames and lastnames in the format as the others, then I will add it
Pilots from Tunisia

Zied,Ben Jeddou,Zied Ben Jeddou,"Ben Jeddou, Zied"
Mohamed,Tekaya,Mohamed Tekaya,"Tekaya, Mohamed"
Rayan,Kerfai,Rayan Kerfai,"Kerfai, Rayan"
Anis,Melliti,Anis Melliti,"Melliti, Anis"
Mohamed,Khefacha,R,Mohamed R. Khefacha,"Khefacha, Mohamed R."
Nidhal,Chograni,Nidhal Chograni,"Chograni, Nidhal"
Hatem,Abid,Hatem Abid,"Abid, Hatem"
Mohamed,Souissi,A,Mohamed A. Souissi,"Souissi, Mohamed A."
Nader,Mnasser,Nader Mnasser,"Mnasser, Nader"
Riadh,Slimen,Riadh Slimen,"Slimen, Riadh"
Anas,Harb,Anas Harb,"Harb, Anas"
Hani,Saidi,Hani Saidi,"Saidi, Hani"
Haythem,Ghazweni,Haythem Ghazweni,"Ghazweni, Haythem"
Taoufik,Aouini,Taoufik Aouini,"Aouini, Taoufik"
Aymen,Ghariani,Aymen Ghariani,"Ghariani, Aymen"
Ayoub,Othmani,Ayoub Othmani,"Othmani, Ayoub"
Chiheb,Louaer,Chiheb Louaer,"Louaer, Chiheb"
Ahmed,Belaid,Ahmed Belaid,"Belaid, Ahmed"
Sofiene,Sassi,Sofiene Sassi,"Sassi, Sofiene"
Issam,Arbi,Issam Arbi,"Arbi, Issam"
Khaled,Jbeli,Khaled Jbeli,"Jbeli, Khaled"
Montassar,Ben Aissa,Montassar Ben Aissa,"Ben Aissa, Montassar"
Aziz,Missaoui,Aziz Missaoui,"Missaoui, Aziz"

I'll do a follow up if needed
Thanks and I have added those

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