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High Seat Fill, Losing Money
No problem. I will do it tomorrow  Smile
I think the problem is solved. --- https://www.mediafire.com/view/yxw04ndjs...d.png/file# ---

Just compare the ticket prices. I used the standard base price and Michael O'Leary ähm ... MDubz has lowered the base price.  Wink 

I tested the scenario with the lower base price and went bankrupt.
Aha, so there is an issue with the ticketprices vs filling degree too.

The new formula accounts for this, but we'll make sure we double check it. Smile
Still there will be an upper limit to the amount passengers wanting to fly on a particular route, regardless of how far you drop your prices. (read: price sensitiveness)

Thanks for the help. Smile
hmm, i'm fairly sure i didn't lower my prices lmao. 

Sad at least i don't charge my passengers to use the toilet haha.
Another bug then? Big Grin

In what year did you launch the route? (Both Tomcatter and MDubz)
I don't see any other reason why you'd have different base prices.
Around 2021, but i deleted the route then recreated it and got reasonable prices this time Big Grin

Tbh i thought it was a little bit low considering i just came back from Dubai where the tickets were around £350
My route starts 2019

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