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Posted by: GraniteToast1992 - 04-23-2020, 10:03 AM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (2)

What would happen if the Kickstarter Campaign doesn't get enough backers and fails?

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  Aircraft Not Assigned
Posted by: GraniteToast1992 - 04-21-2020, 02:33 PM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (4)

Sometimes when I create routes, I select an aircraft that is able to fly to the destination but it doesn't assign the aircraft and then it won't let me reselect the aircraft when I realize. Could I have an explanation to why I am having this problem?

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  Next Gen Website
Posted by: Tjoeker - 04-21-2020, 01:20 PM - Forum: News - Replies (9)


today we launched our new website. Let us know what you think!
You can check it out here: www.theairlineproject.net

Of course, we will update the website with more pages as more information becomes available. Smile

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  Huge Money Loss
Posted by: A Keep - 04-20-2020, 07:40 PM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (9)


I've played TAP for quite a while but is this a bug? As you can see, my monthly balance report between Nov and Dec differ so much.


Why is it though? This happens on my 2000 save. It didn't happen until I saved the game in 2005, quit then load back again. Maybe I'm okay if this only happens at that year though but unfortunately that -$11M occured every year now (always at 31 Dec) Sad  which break everything since I can't expand my fleets.

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  Longest Runway
Posted by: Flyboy8088 - 04-19-2020, 07:19 AM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (1)

I want to start with saying that this is so far a very interesting entry in the airline management field. I have grown to like it quite a bit as I have gotten more comfortable with the format of doing things. That said, there is one thing that absolutely would be a huge help in planning new routes, and updating aircraft on current routes. There needs to be an indication of the maximum runway length at each airport in the demand and route screens. With the changing of airports being the slowest aspect to load, it takes a very long time to check runway lengths on routes. It would be a huge improvement to see the max runway length along with the range, so that aircraft decisions can be made much more quickly. I understand that this is an alpha game, and that there is only limited dev resources, but this feels like the number one most important thing from my current perspective, for improving game play, and one that should be minimal difficulty to add.

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  New UI Idea for TAP NG
Posted by: deja - 04-15-2020, 11:17 PM - Forum: New Features - Replies (4)

So I've been trying to create a new concept UI for the last week and a half now, and while it's still very unfinished in overall presentation, my main ideas are there. Feel free to look at the samples linked below (files are too big for attachments and its best to see them in High Res 1080p).

The main thing I've done is clean up the UI in terms of icons and layout. There's a clear top menu, side menu and a scrolling news thing at the bottom. This is all just conceptual but I based it off the current game and games like Football Manager and Motorsport Manager (games I both love playing). Within the main window, there's also the availability for tabs. This is evident in the marketplace image below.

Secondly, I've added some level of theming. Depending on your airline, the colours of the menu changes. This is evident in samples 1, 2, 3. I'd also want to implement this for the airline manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing, etc.. I know that devs won't be allowed to use real airlines but the theming is still something that I think adds a uniqueness to each players experience, and I hope will be implemented in the final game with the allowance for modding in the real (or custom) airlines. (I also have airline liveries, however, that's just because I like designing liveries). (Note that the images are far from final and so things that are on there will not be accurate. I started with the KLM design since I'm Dutch, but still want to show the theming)

Finally, I want to highlight the overall design language. I've gone for a mainly transparent and boxy feel. This is, of course, a personal choice but I felt that it's a modern look. I know that this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but elements like this are always changeable. I also have custom backgrounds per airline which ideally I'd have animations of the hub airport of the airline. I'm not an animator so I don't know how to do this, but simple polygons should suffice as it's more for the background and to give a dynamic feel.

Hopefully, you guys like what I've done, and if you have any feedback feel free to let me know.

Image Links
KLM Homescreen
KLM Marketplace
Lufthansa Homescreen
AirBaltic Homescreen

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  New Aircraft Listing
Posted by: rocas777 - 04-15-2020, 02:46 PM - Forum: New Features - Replies (1)

When buying new aircraft is really hard to compare different aircrafts. It Would be nice if we could list the new airplanes just like we can list old airplanes, by speed, capacity,range, price , manufacturer, etc.

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  Can't start new game, game crashes
Posted by: 307x - 04-13-2020, 12:48 AM - Forum: Bug Archive - Replies (3)

Trying to start a new game (for the first time).

I am using all of the default starting options. I chose to take over WestJet.

I hit "Start Game" and after about 15 seconds, the game shuts down. No error message, nothing, just shuts down entirely...

I've tried this three times. I also tried with custom starting options and a custom airline, and it did the same thing.

Am I doing something wrong?

I attached my log file.

Attached Files
.zip   TAPv2.zip (Size: 5.53 KB / Downloads: 1)
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  Old Versions
Posted by: Loki22Loki - 04-09-2020, 10:44 PM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey all, I was wondering if/where I could find really old versions of TAP, possibly from the earlier days, that have less features, such that my computer doesn't lag horrifically after about ten years, plus, it would be very cool to see some of the older versions of TAP long, long before V2.

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  (Cargo) Plane Destinations
Posted by: pug - 04-02-2020, 02:11 PM - Forum: Discussion - Replies (4)

When looking at the top demand for destinations from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (ZSAM) iirc from a cargo airline, all of the top destinations are too far away to reach with a direct flight so I'm wondering if there is a way to connect some cities with any cargo plane on a flight to get to places with extremely high demand?
Side question: I noticed there was an option for "mixed flights" when creating routes - does this work yet and how would you do this?

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